Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

thejapanexperience wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

No Bride, nor any woman, that I have ever served photographically would have hired me if I showed them the first link images as being my portfolio.

That is what I know, without a doubt.

No. That is your opinion. It is not 'known' because you have never shown them to any bride. You do not in fact 'know' this. Even if you did, it wouldn't have stopped your comments from being aggressive and unpleasant. I'm sorry if you being called out on your behaviour is embarrassing. Frankly, you should be embarrassed and I hope that the mods on this board are paying attention to behaviour of this sort.

To any watching mods, If I am contravening any rules by getting involved in this kind of off-topic conversation, then I too apologise.

This is a photography forum.

My behavior has been proper, I talk only about photography.

You post about embarasment and aggressive behavior.

Why don't you comment about the images on the first link and my comments about them.

Almost every interior shot had its shadows pulled because they were under-exposed to begin with.

An out of focus bride, a blurry bride, does not make it in the word of wedding albums.

Please stay on topic.

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