For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

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Re: Shoot both! Or not...the final image has little to do with the camera

NuFonaut wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

Great camera, but Nikon doesn't really have a decent, affordable 35. Go for the 28/1.8...great lens, great price. Add the 85/ class. You could even wait and pick up a D800 used, as it looks like it is yesterday's news with the d800e stealing much of its thunder. But add it to your OM-D, don't replace it with it.

I have a D600 and use the DX 35 1.8 which is absolutely fabulous for people shots. When you stop down and focus far away it vignettes but i knew that before and that things is cheap and cool!

Good to know! My 35/1.8 did very loyal service for a number of years on my D2X...outstanding lens for the money. I used it a bit on my dad's D700 and was very impressed with its performance at close focus distances. My dad has since bought a 28/1.8 and there is now no need to put the 35/1.8 on his D700 anymore. The 28/1.8 is a really great lens...and on sale, if ya need something to lust after 

OP, there are many reasons for FF, but doing street photography if you like to keep a low level is not one of them. In fact i think the OMD with its tilt screen and touch focusing is the almost ideal street shooting camera.

As do is exactly the reason why I bought one. Great street camera. Small, quiet a dream to shoot with and produces lovely files. Love the tilt screen and the touch-to-focus/release feature. Perfect for candid street/family photography. Though it is in addition to my Nikon kit, which I will add to later in the year...a D800 perhaps.

I think it's a great time to be a photographer. I see a lot of complaining on the various forums around here and I must say, I look around at the cameras available for sale and see a whole heck of a lot NOT to complain about, from every manufacturer.

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