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aleksanderpolo wrote:

The K01 is a worst of both world product: No short flange distance and EVF of the mirrorless + No OVF of the DSLR. I cannot think of any reason why it exist except to cut cost. Hope that Pentax learn a lesson and stop trying to advance by offering less.

I am afraid if they make a K mount for GXR it will fail for similar reason - the point of mirrorless is size.

I suggest that Pentax cut the cost and Ricoh paid.

I also agree that a direct K mount module for the GXR would also suffer a similar fate - at least Ricoh might put the buttons and levers in useful places - however what might make more sense if it could be done is to redesign an LM mount with electrical contacts that would interface to a PK mount adapter.  Therefore the module could be used without the adapter for normal LM mount lenses and electrical signals could pass through the adapter to regular PK mount lenses.

This could lead the way to Ricoh-M lenses that could use the mount directly - the same mount immediately accessing a wide range of existing lenses and also paving the way for a proper auto-RF size lens range that could image circle on FF sensors if desired.

Luckily I am not charged with making such a cross compatible mount actually work.  Like: where would you place the electrical contacts inside an LM mount and retain backwards compatibility?

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