Is Canon's Digital Photo Professional really that terrible on the Mac? (I think yes)

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Re: Is Canon's Digital Photo Professional really that terrible on the Mac? (I think yes)

WalterSrChat wrote:

Matt Daddy wrote:

Regarding my original post, my wife wiped our hard drive and installed Mountain Lion and all apps from scratch, and DPP (and the other Canon apps) installed OK. But it's annoying that it wouldn't install on Snow Leopard (10.6.8) which Canon said it is compatible with. Oh well.

Also, in response to someone who claimed my account doesn't have admin rights - it does. But even if you are logged into an account with admin rights, some installers ask you to enter your password to confirm.

While logged on as an administrator of a machine, you should not install any applications on your machine that requires the entry of your password to verify that you are an administrator, because that would be a security violation. All an application needs to do is check your logon status.

When you install an application, the application can access your user name but not your password.

If you are admin and enter your password, the application could pass that information on!

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Hmm, I don't know too much about it, to be honest.  Actually it's probably because my wife has set up a complicated system of multiple disk partitions and aliases on our system, maybe that's why I need to re-enter my password for some installations?  I've noticed that on other software as well, and I'm pretty sure it's unrelated to the problems we had getting DPP to install.

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