panasonic lens 45-200 $99.00

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Matthew Humphrey
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Re: PannyLens 45-200 For $99.00

renttoown wrote:

Went to the Best Buy web site and There are no stores in Seattle that have the lens. There are two stores in the Tacoma area but I'm not driving a 100 miles round trip for this lens. Went to the closest store and attempted to have them send the lens from a Tacoma store to Seattle. NO JOY.

I went to Puyallup, Washington store, which said they had it in stock. Got there and the one they had was reserved for another customer (had no idea you could reserve them over the phone). So I had them re-check Tacoma store, which also listed them as in stock. They said they had 3 of them in the store, and 2 were available. I went ahead and purchased it so they would put it on hold.

When I got to Tacoma, the guy mentions what a great deal it is, and then hands me a box that had obviously been opened. I checked the box and the lens hood was missing. The guy initially gave me some crap about not having any more, but when I informed him that it was against the law to sell an open box item as new, he magically came up with another one.

I know that BestBuy employees are notorious for snapping up the bargains before customers, and I suspect that was what was going on here. Regardless, I left with one that at least has all the parts. Will try it out this weekend.

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