D200 today? How is it?

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Re: D200 today? How is it?

gdourado wrote:

I was wondering how does a d200 performs today against the likes of a d5100 or d90.
I know the sensor on the d5100 has better high ISO and dynamic range. But the d200 has better build quality, more direct control, and weather sealing.

All in all, is a mint d200 still a good camera today? Is the iq difference too much?

Cheers and thanks!

What are you planning to shoot?  If you need dynamic range and can deal with some quirky menus the Fuji S5 Pro while slightly down on resolution (6+6MP arranged in a different pattern IIRC they said it's equivalent to around 8-9 MP) it offers amazing highlight retention and the auto WB/JPEG engine is much better than Nikon's.

The mechanical bits are all the same as the D200, just it has different electronic guts.  It's a very niche product and has some drawbacks (like lower FPS) but also offers some unique images.  I even used it for a shoot just last week when I really needed some highlight retention that my D700 couldn't handle.

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