Is Green screen (background) okay for studio portrait shot?

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
24Peter Veteran Member • Posts: 3,132
Re: Is Green screen (background) okay for studio portrait shot?

Sailor's points are all well taken.

That said I use an action similar to ones described in points 4-7 of this tutorial (converting to LAB mode, etc.) and it works really well for extracting folks from a green background.

I've never shot a group of 7 people on a greenscreen (I'd think the biggest challenge is to evenly & separately light both the background and your subjects), but you may get further than you think with this action. It works amazingly well for me.

EDIT: and if you do end up with green spill/bleed on your subjects, there are techniques to fix that. The easiest way is to create a separate layer above your current layer, clip it to the lower layer, change the blend mode to color, select your brush tool, sample the color you want to replace the current green areas with, and paint away. Continually resample the color to match the non-green area you're painting over. Works really well.

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