Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

thejapanexperience wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

thejapanexperience wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

BrianKraft wrote:

I did use an X100 for an entire wedding. Purposely very dark, moody, and unconventional.


If I hired you to shoot my wedding and you presented me with these photos I would sue you for parading as a wedding photographer, and gross negligence on your part.

I never saw a worse series of photos from a wedding.

If Fuji is attacted to these photos I would have to revise my opinion of Fuji as a camera company.

Sorry, not to offend you, but someone has to let you know.

Blurred photos do not make a Bride happy.

Dull, dark eyes do not make a Bride happy.

There is nothing 'moody' about this newly wed couple. They are quite happy in appearance.

They no doubt got 'moody' when they saw these photos.

These are not available light images. Almost all of your images inside are under-exposed and one can see how you tried to recover detail from the shadows.

How could a photog garner new bookings by showing couples these pictures?

I suggest you Google 'Top notch wedding photographers' and review their portfolios before you book another wedding.

Don't take any of this personally, this is just as a wake-up call, to get you on the right track to making couples happy they hired you.

It's people like this who make coming to dpr forums a painful experience. I have made a complaint about both of your posts up to this point. The tone of your comments is extremely arrogant and unpleasant. Just a wake up call...


I am fully awake and sincere in all of my posts.

I have a true concern for the photog and that is why I gave him a reality check.

This is a forum in which ideas are exchanged, not impeded by threats of a 'complaint'.

Why don't you express your comments on the images of the first link?

I really like the shots. For what they are, they came out beautifully. If you had bothered to read the blog and look at the other link, you would have had a bit more information to go on and might not have acted in such an unpleasant manner.

How would you know what the bride would be thinking anyway? We are all different.

No Bride, nor any woman, that I have ever served photographically would have hired me if I showed them the first link images as being my portfolio.

That is what I know, without a doubt.

My problem is that I like coming to this forum and enjoy the discussions people have. What you contributed was not at all what I would consider discussion. I seriously hope you don't speak to people like that in real life.

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