Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re: Pentax did not get it

This news from Pentax is hardly a surprise as they simply did not get the fact that you need small high quality lenses to make the most of a mirrorless camera system. .

I guess you've never seen the DA Limited primes?  Small and high quality, and less expensive than the M.Zuiko primes.

I had the K-01 for a bit and it is a nice camera.  I used the DA 15, 21, 40 and 70 primes and it was a perfect match.  However, it is clunky due to the flange distance for the K-mount.  Focus peaking was nice when using manual lenses.

Since none of these mirrorless cameras are really pocketable (except the E-P1 with the 17/2.8 in cargo pants), size is really a moot point.  The size of the kit is about the same.  Using the same batteries as the K5 and the same lenses was smart.  The styling and lack of an OVF caused many photo snobs to pass it up without actually even using it, which is a shame.

Logically, I should have stayed with the K-01 and the K-5, but the OM-D won me over so I sold the K-01.  Still, it's not a bad camera, and for $300 it's a fantastic bargain.

I can't speak for the Q other than to say I've only seen it in the store, never used one.  But for $300, I'd buy the K-01 over it anyday.

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