XPro-1 maybe not for legacy glass, leica users

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Re: Have you tried the evf on the nex7?

Timmbits wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

If you rule out the fuji and the ricoh, I think that leaves you with only a nex or an aging m8
for your rf glass, no?

As far as xpro mf is concerned, I would expect they'll integrate the vf magnifier (probably sufficient for me as I've focused through the well magnified but tiny vf of a leica iii for years).

I'm more concerned with how well they'll implement peaking and how quickly they'll roll out an adapter. It seems like they'll lose out on lens sales if they make the adapter available from the onset, as the af seems to be similar to the x100.

Sorry to bud in here... I stumbled on this thread looking for information about compatibility with older Fuji lenses.

Has the XE1 been considered by the OP? It's viewfinder will be much brighter, as it's not an optical one. Have you checked if any of these models have a diopter adjustment on the viewfinder? (this is on my Samsung NX20 and is a welcome feature for those wearing glasses - I'm guessing that a very bright AMOLED screen that can tilt in all directions may be a welcome feature in your case)

I bought the XE1 and never looked back. This body is near perfect for legacy RF lenses. I have 4 m mount lenses and they work beautifully in manual focus mode. The EVF is always a back up option for me on the XE1 because of the slight lag in lower light but bearable up to the short tele lenses.

There will be a new generation of FUJI X and SONY NEX coming out this year so it will be a win win for the OP. He can either get a better EVF (assumed with the new gen), or get the X pro 1 at a discount if he choose to go that way.

The beauty of using legacy lenses with mirrorless is you can switch mount in a heart beat without worries. I use both Fuji and NEX side by side now, with the same group of lenses pretty much.

PS - OP, if you use AF Fuji won't you solve that problem? I used to wear glasses but I always got 95%-100% of the framing I want via the viewfinder even if I can't see the entire frame all the time. All I need is point the AF point at the subject in framing should be almost automatic.

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