DotTune: Video Tutorial for AF tuning without photographs

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Horshack wrote:

lock wrote:

But what does it tell us about MF? Doesn't it meand you will get a focus confirmation which is outside the normal AF in focus range? Hence, the risk of a less accurate focus ? That would surprise me...

I agree, that's what it means. Nikon probably though it was a useful compromise to allow manual focusing by the confirmation dot/rangefinder to be both easier and faster.

Let me add to my previous comment that this is a bone-headed choice by Nikon if this is what they chose.  The dot range for a manual focus lens is way too wide to be able to get anything sharp on a repeatable basis.  You can look at the focus scale on the lens barrel at each end of the dot range.  It's way too wide.  You can take a picture at each end of the dot range as well.  You will get blurry photos.  The dot range is almost useless for manual focusing if you like sharp photos.

It would be much better if the dot range for manual focus lenses was kept small.  It would be far quicker and easier to focus with a narrow dot range than it would be with a wide range where you have to go back and forth many times to be confident that you are in the middle of the dot range.

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