Minolta Colors, 28-75 2.8?

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Re: Minolta Colors, 28-75 2.8?

Hi David. That's really interesting... their reasoning of "impossible". I just don't know what to say about that... other than, the "impossible" may not be a physical issue, but rather a contractual issue. Were this Tammy/KM/SAM lens able to focus in the proper Alpha direction, then it would pose a greater threat to the higher end lenses. Personally, I find it "impossible" to accept a physical constraint as a real answer.

I remember when Tamron and Tokina both offered two versions of some lenses that focused properly for Pentax/Nikon, and also Alpha/Canon/Leica/Contax/Olympus. What could there possibly be in it other than shifting a gear and milling a proper helicoid? Well, it would cause guys like me not to purchase it in favor of the Mino G or ZA premiums. I can't have one lens which doesn't act like all the others. I'm a simple linear guy, and I always manual focus.

Oh well, thanks for that answer though. It's the first time I've ever had anyone offer up some reasoning.  I totally believe that's what they told you.  I totally believe they denied any cooperation.  Corporate ridiculocity at its finest.

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