RX-100 and BonJovi at First Niagara Center Buffalo NY

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Re: Kevin...

bikeguy wrote:

Wonderful series with some impressive results in these web views.

Coupla questions, if I may:

Did you shoot RAW or jpeg and did you apply any noise reduction to those higher ISO shots?

And have you printed anything out? If so, how do those high ISO shots hold up?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Charles

Thanks first for the compliments. I shot jpeg only to get some quick results for the web when we got home at 1am ;). I used some Ninja on a few. The last 6400 definitly. The bordered low res shots none, only because those were downloaded first and tossed up. If you give me a second I will toss up the last shot of Jon and Richie at 6400 right out of the camera. I feel the Ninja made it "pasty" . Im glad you asked on the printing because I know you know that web stuff looks terrific but when you lay the ink or dye down your in for some blotchy blacks. We have a DNP DS 80 and I just printed some 8x10's including the pasty last one. I closed my eyes, and to my amazement they are good to great. I am not lying. I thought I would be dissapointed,....but NOPE

Hold on and I will toss up a 6400..

Thanks for asking and thanks for the compliments. Im a person who worries if my stuff is ok, its tough nowadays because everyone is a GWC as my friend calls it, "GUY WITH CAMERA", so the compition is fierce. I think we do good and we have the full onsite generator/shoot to print system, just no milk in the fridge..;)

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