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NathanCrisman wrote:

Paul Pasco wrote:

Honestly if I were buying into this system now I would certainly go for the two new zooms and skip the two kit zooms. As it stands now I have the two original kit plus the 10 and the 18.5. I also have a Panasonic wide converter to make the 10 into a quasi-wide angle for the few times I might want that. As of now though, I couldn't justify either of the new zooms for myself unless I was going on a once in a lifetime trip, wanted to pack as light as possible and could afford the extra $1000 or so.

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Regards, Paul
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It's it kind of comical how quickly a "little travel kit" expands into carrying 5-6 lenses! I use that panasonic LW46 converter what seems like ALL the time, it honestly never comes off the 10mm. My thinking is that the 6.7-13 is going to replace the 10mm, 10-30mm, and the coverer. 3 for 1 consolidation.

No Kidding! I have my converter attached to the 10mm in my bag most of the time with the 10-30 or the 18.5 sitting on top of it. I only use the 10 by itself when I want the most compact carry option, but it is a very good lens.

My gut tells me the 6.7mm will outperform the 10mm + converter as well, or at least I hope it does.

I have no doubt the zoom will outperform it; it should for $500! The thing for me is would I use the wide zoom that much?

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Regards, Paul
Lili's Dad

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