DotTune: Video Tutorial for AF tuning without photographs

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It doesn't work for me

Horshack wrote:

lock wrote:

But what does it tell us about MF? Doesn't it meand you will get a focus confirmation which is outside the normal AF in focus range? Hence, the risk of a less accurate focus ? That would surprise me...

I agree, that's what it means. Nikon probably though it was a useful compromise to allow manual focusing by the confirmation dot/rangefinder to be both easier and faster.

If this was Nikon's intent it is bone-headed.  If it works the way you think, and I have no doubts that you are probably right, then manual focus is virtually impossible if you want acceptable focus.  They should keep the "dot tune" range small for manual focus.

Now on to my real reason for posting.  I cannot confirm your finding of a narrow range for "dot tune" when keeping the focus system in AF and using AF-ON button set to AF-ON Only.  Using the AF-ON button set to AF-ON Only is the way I use my camera so this was perfect.  I was happy when I first read this update.  I thought "ah-hah".

So I tried it out.  No go.  My 50mm f/1.8D lens still requires the entire range for dot tune.  And since the lens requires a -10 value according to FoCal the dot tune method is basically not worth the effort for this lens.

Now on to manual focus chipped lenses.  I have 3 of these.  I have the Nikkor 45mm f/2.8P lens, the Samyang 85mm f/1.4 AE, and the Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4.  None of these can be dot tuned using this method.  The range on these lenses is way larger than -20 to +20.  Yet these lenses can be fine tuned and stored in the lens table.

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