VSCO Presets - Anyone Using Them With X-trans Files?

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Re: VSCO Presets - Anyone Using Them With X-trans Files?

framus wrote:

Found some nifty BW presets from a gifted photog:


Under 'Downloads' are some effective presets for Kodak and Illford BW films.

BW is most interesting to me as the X-Trans files seem great for BW conversion.

Anybody know of presets that emulate Kodachrome emulsions?

How about Fujifilm transparency films (Provia, Astia, and Velvia). The in-camera Raw coverter does an excellent job to convert to Jpegs that emulate these quite nicely. I'd like to find something that works with Raw files in LR.


There is a plugin (for PS and LR) that is great to emulate B&W film: Silver Efex Pro

The grain feature is the best in the industry (very good adjustment tools) and some pro photographers use this plugin to emulate grainfrom traditional films (B&W). You can even transfer this grain effect on a color image with photoshop. This plugin works with raw, tiff, jpeg, but of course jpeg must be avoided here since the compression may create artifacts when processed.

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