Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re: Ricoh/Pentax will try again.

I Mostly agree except that cheap knok off chinese manufacturer under the Kodak name will release bodies in M4/3.  If Oly/Pany allowed them they will allow almost anyone.

Peter 1745 wrote:

The Pentax K-01 may be gone but Ricoh know they need a mirrorless system if they are to survive as a camera manufacturer.

I doubt they can develop a mirrorless system on their own so I expect them to enter an alliance with another system.

I think they are most likely to join in with Sony Nex. The Nex is trailing m4/3 and Sony would see Ricoh/Pentax joining the system as an important boost to the systems viability. Sony would sell Ricoh the sensors and charge a licensing fee for the Nex mount and may make more profit on each Ricoh camera sold than Ricoh will.

Another possibility is them co-launching a new APS-C mirrorless system with Nikon. A joint venture would enable a new system to be developed more rapidly. The fact that m4/3 is a joint venture between Panasonic and Olympus (& others) gives m4/3 a credibility and momentum that a solo system would lack.

A third possibility, and my personal favourite, is Ricoh joining m4/3. This is probably the best option from Ricoh's perspective but I don't think Panasonic or Olympus will allow it. Oly and Panasonic have already established m4/3 as the premier mrrorless system and letting Ricoh join at this stage would not be in their interest. They would see Ricoh taking more sales away from them than they would generate for them. As a m4/3 user the option of bodies from Oly, Panasonic and Ricoh is attractive but I think the Oly and Panasonic would prefer me to have a more limited choice. On the other hand Oly and Panasonic may encourage Ricoh to join in an effort to stop either of the first 2 options occurring.

My least favourite option is Ricoh giving up on mirrorless and just eeking out the final years of its DSLR business. Once global electronic shutters become good enough the DSLR is going to be relegated to a small niche. I don't see room in this niche for anyone but Canon and Nikon.

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