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schaki wrote:


It shows that consumers like their mirrorless cameras to be compact.

I guess so too. At least that is what mirrorless cameras with mounts is about to me - try to keep it small with good image quality. That is probably also one reason which partly speaks for what I would assume to be low sales for Nikon 1 cameras and also Pentax Q, compared to other mirrorless system available.

Eventually I think that I can see the Canon and Nikon for example, to start putting decent eyeviewfinders into their dslrs to replace the current mirrordesigns.

The K01 might have been a success, had it been less wildly designed. I hope at least that Ricoh stick to the point of creating their own mount with very short flange back distance sooner rather than later. That would make good sense to me and probably others as well. Them might share that mount with Pentax and cooperate about produce lenses for it.

So while we are being suitably wild - how about a lens mount that fits LM flanges and general specifications but has electronic contacts built in?  Best of all worlds?

Allows existing LM lenses to continue to be used as manual lenses and also all other lenses that can be adapted to it.  None of this nonsense about yet anther mount system and no lenses that can be used on it. Just leverage on an existing widely accepted mount specification.

Obviously lenses made to fit this specification would be rangefinder-size compact.

Those already set up with RF lenses need do no more and also such a specification would be extendable to FF sensor image circle specifications by default.

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