RX100 SOOC landscape photos?

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Re: RX100 SOOC landscape photos?

Nexu1 wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

I'm not sure of this is a meaningful question, as users can adjust the WB and colour before and after shooting. I normally shoot RAW, but here's one I shot in JPEG. The sharpness is turned up +2, but all other settings are default (ie, auto WB). 

I'm with DN.

If someone is picky enough to know about white balance then they ought to know enough to either choose a WB setting themselves (instead of auto), and/or, adjust the WB to their liking. If someone thinks the RX100 shoots a little "cool", which seems to be the way that most lean when commenting on their WB preferences, you can bump the WB setting 1-2-3 spots warmer and the setting sticks. Voila, no more cool photos.

That's all well and good but some cameras simply aren't capable of consistently producing warm, punchy JPEGs with auto WB or a preset, which is important to me in a P&S camera. I have a Panasonic ZS7, for example, which also tends to produce cool images w/ auto WB. Unfortunately, using the presets to warm up the images often results in a yellow or orange cast that makes the images look even worse. While I certainly want the ability to shoot in RAW, I don't want to feel as if I mustshoot in RAW to get a favorable image. Based on the RX100 landscape photos I had previously seen, I was concerned that the RX100 was such a camera. However, the images posted above have helped to assuage those concerns.

Thanks to all who posted pics!

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