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By all accounts the K-01 was not a bad camera as cameras go.

However it is a classic case of letting a fabled furniture designer design cameras.  It will go down in history as a great ornament and conversation piece.  I think cameras are best designed by people who actually use cameras.

The K-01 was full of great ideas.  It does have focus peaking and it apparently takes great images.  It is a full spec K mount compatible EVIL-type camera without the EV.

However it is reputedly awkward to use, has no viewfinder provision, only takes PK lenses and is clunky to say the least.  Pentax quirky to the point of desperation.

I wouldn't mind someone giving me one to keep in a glass case.

On the other hand the repetition of a rumour that Ricoh is working on a K mount module is mildly interesting.  Surely Ricoh might make a better fist of the idea.  My list of requirements might be a new GXR back to go with it complete with a built in evf, shaped slr-style grip, semi-pro shot to shot buffer.  Make the module body LM compatible with extra contacts to run a powered interface PK adapter. Either FF sensor or perhaps an aps-c sensr but make two adapters - a straight-through for aps-c format lenses and a clone of the Metabones Speed Booster - licensed as necessary - that would focal reduce 135 format ex-slr and dslr lenses on to the aps-c thereby picking up a stop in performance and adjusting the lens-designated focal length more or less to it's actual equivalent.

Such a little combine would give a future to the current LM module as well as picking up full functionality for "automatic" PK lenses in the process.  Having an evf, slr-grip and decent shot to shot buffer would enable this device to handle as well as a dslr body with larger lenses mounted.

Sorry about the aps-c sensor inside the works but FF would not handle PK aps-c image circle lenses.  But of course Ricoh could just make it FF and auto-crop the image circle of the designed for aps-c lenses - much like the NEX guys are proposing the way the FF NEX would work.  With a FF sensor just forget the "Speed Booster" adapter, but leave an LM with custom electrical contacts to mount auto PK lenses via a special adapter.

Done, where can I pre-order?

Shhhh - speculating again.

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