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Re: Place your bets on the next to go

mft has had a big advantage in getting a solid foothold in the market - we have two separate companies working on it so twice as many options as any other single manufacturer system, and it also got a great headstart in the market - so an extra period of time to develop and consolidate their lens lineup, and a period at the beginning where they had the market to themselves, so got the brand recognition and foothold in the early adopters who didn't have any choices elsewhere.

Sony has also managed to get in early enough to get a decent foothold, and also has the resources and infrastructure of one of the biggest companies on the planet behind them, so seem to have a pretty solid placing nowadays - they also have the bonus that many people are choosing to own both the Sony SLT cameras, and then end up opting for a NEX as a portable equivalent that will be familiar in terms of the menu system and so on.

Canon I think still has time to pull it off - The EOS-M may not have done well, but if they rectify some of the mistakes they made with an EOS-M2, they still have the advantage of a huge existing user base - if I hadn't bought into mft I would be very tempted for the sole reason of already owning a whole range of compatible lenses from my SLR setup - There are a couple of M specific lenses for when you want portability, but you always have the option of the adapter and any of the EOS lenses which I see as an ideal system for a backup camera to an SLR and a portable equivalent.

Nikon I still don't understand, but I have seen a few out in the wild - the smaller sensor pretty much nukes it as far as I am concerned when I have the option of the mft system with only a small increase in size. I think this survives mainly through advertising, and also through the Pentax Q's trick of being smaller and cuter than the competition - no competition in the eyes of a dedicated photographer, but a winner with the general public.

On that note options like Pentax, Samsung and Ricoh just don't have the branding and market to really get much of a following - why buy into a system when there is a far more fully featured option available? The Ricoh had a chance on the 'unique ideas' front, but doesn't seem to have gotten enough of a foothold to follow through.

Leica and Fuji have managed to carve out a niche in the market for themselves for high end and traditionally styled options - maybe not much of a competitor to mft and NEX, but enough to keep them ticking over and developing new models which can only really help push the competition to better themselves too.

It will be interesting to see how the market pans out over the next few years, at the moment I am still watching Canon to see how they respond...

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