why micro focus adjustment ?

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Re: when is micro focus adjustment of value ?

On my Minolta 7D the problem was so severe that several holiday photos taken with the Minolta 50/1.7 were ruined. They were not useable for printing or for viewing on a HDTV.

I solved that by mechanically adjusting the AF sensor's position. All my lenses got better after that. The 50/1.7 was the one which was most affected but it turned out that all the other lenses had had a small error in the same direction.

On my a77 the lenses are all over the place and need adjustment in both directions. So that could not have been solved by a mechanical adjustment of the AF sensors. But to be honest: On the a77, the problem is mostly pixel peeping. If I print the photos or view them in full on a HDTV, I can't see the improvement. I perhaps own one lens out of 10 (the Minolta 28-135 "Secret Handshake") where the effect of the micro adjustment would be visible without pixel peeping.

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