D7100 Buffer

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Re: Nikon probably figured...

jonrobertp wrote:

Danel wrote:

...that most people would use JPEG for sports and other high speed captures. Of course you get a bit more post processing latitude with RAW, but fine JPEG would be more than adequate for most people, especially since a large percentage of high fps shots are sh-t canned anyway. I have an acquaintance who shoots sports for a well know magazine and he shoots everything in JPEG. While the RAW buffer may be an issue for you, its certainly not for everyone. Words like "horrendous" and "useless" are just hyperbole in my opinion.

hear hear. This is true. kinda like steak is only good rare.

There is a bit of irony in this statement since Danel said that you only need one kind of steak - cooked to the specs of the jpeg engine.  I prefer it raw so I can cook it myself.

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