Will a Graphics Card be of Any Use to Me?

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Will a Graphics Card be of Any Use to Me?

Blue Guitarist wrote:

I'm getting ready to do a build for home that will primarily be used for photography and generaly family use. No video editing to speak of or serious gaming.

I plan to include an ivy bridge i7 chip to have the best onboard graphics.

Technically speaking, the AMD offerings have better (by most measures) onboard graphics, but then you give up on CPU and get a lot more heat.

The HD4000 is fine for LR, and can support 3 displays (though Jim has noted a resolution limit in some cases that would be a problem for 27" + screens). Any memory it consumes is insignificant in a world where 16G cost you 50-80 bucks.

I don't agree with adding it because in the future LR might use it.    A discrete card adds power/heat and blocks airflow.  Worth it for many functions, but not your's at this time.  You can buy it when the day comes.

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