What will happen when a D400 comes

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Re: What will happen when a D400 comes

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An EVF and smaller raw files would allow a very high MP FF camera to give the best of both worlds as the EVF would give the same viewing size regardless of crop format used and the optional raw sizes would make the camera appealing to more people with different needs. An EVF may not be in the cards for Nikon But Sony will probably cover this area soon. That type of camera could really make pro DX bodies obsolete in the future.

Yes, this will be interesting when you have a high MP FF sensor combined with an EVF. Then, you can actually see a DX crop as full screen EVF in the viewfinder. But, it will still cost as much as an FF camera (because it is a FF camera) so while it may be interesting for those who can afford expensive FF cameras (e.g. $3k) and occasionally want to shoot in DX crop, it won't fill the lower price levels that DX cameras occupy.

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I  suppose the day is coming when FF mirrorless cameras will have faster more accurate focus than what we have today in Pro DSLRs. Costs will also come down over time as we get more for our money each generation and prices of FF DSLRs slowly go down in price. I wonder what we will have 10yrs from now.

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