RX100 body made in China is not Aluminium.

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Re: Notches on camera body.

DavieK wrote:

Suggest no-one follows the advice about bar-type neodymium magnets (I have some which come with a safety recommendation on how to avoid blood-blister injuries should two of them decide to snap together on your finger...). Whatever is inside the RX100, it won't appreciate the sudden invasion of a very powerful, moving, close magnetic field


It would also be irrelevant as aluminium is just as unaffected as plastic in proximity to a strong magnetic field.  There are very few metals that will be attracted to a magnet, no matter how strong it is, and aluminium is not one of them.

Also, I totally agree with David's comment above.  Some of the mechanisms within the RX100, may well be made of steel, or of other materials that are attracted to magnetic fields, in which case such strong magnets may possibly damage your camera.

The assumption that many people have that "metal" which seems to be an all encompassing term, is always attracted to magnetic fields, is amazingly ignorant.  I cannot believe that so many people go through life not knowing that this is not true.

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