RX100 body made in China is not Aluminium.

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Re: RX100 body made in China is not Aluminium.

YiannisPP wrote:

1AvidHiker wrote:

The 787 is NOT really "made of plastic". The structural members are made of very advanced composite materials, which are nothing like cheap plastics that would be used in the majority of P&S bodies.

I'm sure that the other guy mentioning it was made of plastic, knew that this was not exactly accurate, or at least I hope he did...

"Who cares"? I think plenty of people do. The point is durability in the event of a fall. Compare the RX100 to a plastic-bodied camera in drop testing and you'll see what I mean. Obviously not important to everybody, but it sure is to me. I do a lot of hiking/climbing photography, where accidents happen from time to time. Since I can't just run to out to a store to buy another, I need my camera to survive my excursions. Do I need a new camera every 2 years? Nope, I usually buy cutting edge stuff which easily gets me through 4 or 5 years before I really feel the need to move on.

My confidence in the body of the RX100 being made of aluminum, as opposed to cast magnesium which Sony has been known to use often, is based on it's strength as demonstrated in several drops my camera has already experienced (the RX has proven to be impressively durable). Deformation is much more limited and the black anodizing also appears to be extremely tough (likely Type III hard anodized - Magnesium in contrast does not build as durable an oxide layer when anodized, and is typically coated by other means). This is a wonderfully built camera, which I expect will easily survive 4 years of abuse, even from me.

Good to hear that you have already dropped it a few times and it stood up.

I dropped mine once 3 feet to a wood floor and the lens would not come out. I sent it to Sony and they repaired it for $141.

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