Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

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Re: Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

I haven't installed mine yet, but that's what I was thinking it does...not just to import files. I knew it can work with NEX raw files and I assume it has some basic editing capabilities, noise reduction, creative filters?

It will also handle the AVCHD files. Not sure how much video editing capabilities it has but bottom line is I don't own Adobe LR so something free that comes with my camera and gives me some easy to use functionality is good to have.

No offense, but I don't quite get the folks bothering with WiFi transfer to the PC, mobile device is one thing, but nothing beats popping the SD card in and transferring things. It easy and it's fast...why bother with WiFi in this case is beyond my comprehension...

At this point I am primarily using the Wifi to upload to Facebook and my Galaxy S2. Imagine DPR had an app for direct upload? That's where Sony will miss the boat if they don't open their API to (quality) external developers. Completely aside from the blatant ripoff that the current apps are...

The 802.11n Wifi standard used by the NEX is very fast; maybe not as fast as a USB 3.0 reader for hundreds of RAW images or videos from a day in the field, but for a daily upload of ten or twenty photos, it's more than adequate.

Plus the reduction of wear and tear on the camera's components can't be a bad thing right?

For many it's a godsend. Cable spaghetti is anathema for me and I suspect the majority.

Then there's the added convenience of transferring files from where you are not where the computer is.

Visiting grandparents and want to share some precious memories? Link via Wifi to their network-enabled DLNA TV (as many new TV's are), and again simple, fast, convenient and wireless.

I can comprehend many, many invaluable uses for Wifi, some if which (hopefully) Sony is exploring. Wireless printing direct from the camera? Upload to your PC from any offsite hotspot? Etc etc

Sony has a VERY short window of opportunity to exploit their app store and expand the wireless functionality before one of their competitors clobbers them with an app store full of hundreds of free apps. If Nikon say built Android into a DSLR this cute little experiment would be dead and buried...

Oh yeah, OTA firmware updates too.


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