The beauty of X-Trans

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Re: The beauty of X-Trans

Thanks all for your nice comments. All appreciated.

It was late afternoon on a dark rainy day when I caught "Della" in her usual longing position as she waited for my daughter to come home. Inside was very dark. I did not realize I had taken the shot at ISO1600. I would never have thought such a clean shot was possible at that ISO so I am sure on a big learning curve with the X-E1.

baobob - I completely agree. For me photography is 90% working the light right to tell a story out of the subject, and if I get the exposure just the way I want it the rest always falls in to place. This is why I am impressed with how he X-Trans does its stuff. There seems to be a beautiful depth, sort of silky mini-3D look to the X-Trans files I have not seen with other digital cameras, especially in softer available light situations. If you like working available light to your advantage then I am already finding the results can be very beautiful.

Al Valention - Naturally good advice. I am now obviously pleased I decided not to wait. Some of the photos I have taken already just to get a "feel" of the camera are great family keepers. Having a look at the cost of the 18-55mm lens on its own I think the asking price for the X-E1 camera + 18-55,, lens kit is unusually good value.

John Ellis - Thank you for the strange tip. I tried this and you are right. I can easily hold the head in the upright position or any position within 90 degrees. Feels odd but works very well.

This small take-anywhere camera is having the effect of revitalizing my love of photography. I am really enjoying it. Now I know what all the raving is about!

Again, thank you all for your nice comments.

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