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Re: should I trust

donaldsc wrote:

Your original diatribe was about 5000 lines long with no paragraphs and impossible to read. I got down to line 6 and gave up. Most of the photos of the stuff you claim to have gotten are upside down.

Based on these 2 points, why should anyone believe anything that you have said?

Really?  Upside down pictures make a person un-trustworthy?  This guy took the time to give us a detailed account of his experience, and it's his fault that you can't be bothered to read a post without paragraph breaks? [eye roll]

I for one appreciate the information, as I was considering purchasing a 7D body from this source (a few bucks might now be a big deal, but they advertise a price of nearly $400 below everyone else).  I assumed it was too good to be true, and this post is a huge indicator of that that will be the case.

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