How Would You Describe the "Look" of Pentax Pics?

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Re: I wouldn't.

Sexy, very sexy.

Seriously though different cameras do have a look which depends on the jpeg engine, the lenses and possibly somewhat on how well the auto white-balance works. There is a certain amount of variation in the small number Pentax lenses I own, so I wouldn't agree if someone said the Pentax look was cold for example.

If you hate post-processing though I wouldn't spend the money on Pentax necessarily, if for no other reason than the fact that people rave about the jpeg engines used by Olympus and Fujifilm. Maybe they don't rave about Pentax merely because they are a smaller manufacturer - I normally shoot RAW but on the limited occasions I've used it, the K5 jpeg processing seems to be flexible enough to allow quite a range of different 'looks', regardless of the lens used. As someone else also pointed out, the Pentax sensor noise in the K5 (and K-01) looks quite film-like and attractive up to fairly high isos, not sure if that holds true for every manufacturer.

Jpegs I've seen from the Fujifilm X-series do look great, although I do find it curious that their digital Velvia reproduction seems to be well-regarded, but at the same time those cameras are supposedly excellent for people pics and not so much for landscapes at all.

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