Still on the fence about Samyang 7.5mm

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Re: Still on the fence about Samyang 7.5mm

Ankka wrote:

Hyperfocal distance is somewhere around 1 meter wide open. So its easy to shoot. Still, I like it more on my GH3 than in my GH1 because with GH3 i can look through the EVF and focus by magnification area and move that magnified area touching the screen. Very quick and powerfull tecnique.

Btw closest focus distance is less than one inch from lens surface so with Samyamg you can take very intresting shallow dof pictures

I've got a GH3 and would be very interested in seeing some of your close-ups with the 7.5mm.  I've got one shot in mind of a close-up of a busy hummingbird feeder.  Here's a shot using the Panny 14-140mm.  I thought at 28mm equiv I'd get something pretty cool, but I discovered the lens wouldn't let me get close.  Best I could do to get focus was move back to maybe 4' and then zoom-in a bit for the framing I was after.  Been thinking a 24mm equiv. would  be good ... but hummmmm a fisheye would be radical!

Whadda you think?  The distance between the outer edges of the feeding "flowers" is about 9".   I'm wondering how close  I'd need to be to the feeder to get framing a little looser than this shot.  So, maybe my question would be if I wanted to capture a frame 16" to 18" wide how close would the front of the lens need to be from it?  While the birds take liquid in from the front end they also expel liquid from the other end.  I suppose some plastic over the camera would protect it and a quick glass clean after a shoot would prevent damage to the lens coating.  But still they're going to need a little room to move around the feeder.


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