Epson R1800 turns off when starting to print

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Re: Epson R1800 turns off when starting to print

Heads aren't removable by end user? What might you be talking about? I have removed my printheads in all my 1800s and 2400s its extremely easy 2 (not 3) ribbon cables and a few screws. I have never had any issues in doing this but I know what you did wrong - You fried the printhead which is called a hothead you soaked in in cleaning solution or water didnt you? Well you got the electronics wet which were not able to be wet. I have done this myself with some of the really bad clogged heads and I dont think there is any possible way around this.

The only other thing it can be is the fuse on the motherboard which you can solider or have any external fuse holder and fuse onto it then if it ever happens again you can just replace the 50 cent fuse. So its either a hothead (which I have my bet on that) or a blown fuse on the motherboard (NOTE its not like a regular fuse its a very small electronics fuse small rectangular shape)

I have 2 R1800s or motherboards I could part with if needed and R2400s too they all done have printheads or atleast they are clogged beyond repair. But if anyone needs parts for theirs or has a use. Ill sell them at a fair price they are all almost new in mint shape.

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