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Re: Are you serious???

Bernie Ess wrote:

Auto ISO minimum shutter speed customization (both speed set, and a dynamic setting like Nikon)

With wishes like that Fuji can only win. Money. The minimum shutter speed is absolutely missing, but it is an easy firmware fix that should not require more than a dozen lines of code and can surely and easily be implemented on the current cameras...

Fuji should build it in NOW, not in a future model.


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Probably what you wish for is on the wishlist of many photographers. I also began photography on an automatic exposure camera, the Nikon FE, so having a true minimum shutter speed exposure is important.

I just got an X-Pro 1 and feel that what really really really needs to be updated is the viewfinder. Make it bigger and with less lag. I would also appreciate the OVF to have information for focusing manually. A small window overlay in the middle is all it needs, very much like in the EVF with split prism, just to focus. Otherwise, I see no real reason for the OVF - for users who manually focus, or for users who don't use X glass (I don't).

Lag in the EVF and bigger, better OVF with split prism overlay. That's it. It's doable.

If Fuji also offered different OVF models: one optimised for a wide end f 35mm, one optimised for a wide of 18, one for multiple values, and even one for 50, it would allow a much much better view on the world for single glass setups, or for setups like mine, where one lens is attached 90% of the time. the current OVF is too small and magnifcation is uncomfortably low.

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