G1X used to shoot Canon Asia advertising campaign.

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Low and behold you guys are RIGHT!!!!!

I returned the camera to the shop where I purchased it and told them the problems I have been having with the camera. Everyone there scratched their heads and finally a few guys took the camera and made some shots with it —some good some not so good— but the theme of their discovery was that the camera was not acting the way in which it was supposed to. (Why Canon couldn't figure this out is news to me????)

It seems that the G1X was not holding focus for some reason. You'd set focus in lower light and it would instantly drift off.  (THAT IS A PROBLEM!)  They gave me a new G1X and IT IS JUST WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SAYING. WONDERFUL!

Finally, I now have the G1X that is operating like the promise I had hoped for.  Sharp, clear pictures and even in lower light, marvelous quality. And the raw output is fab. Special thanks to Benny and James at the camera shop for taking the time to work with me through this problem.Street photography is alive and well again!

Again,thanks to all for not condemning me as a troll.  BUT I was having serious problems with the camera. Now I can see it as a great shooting box, the way you all described it. If only I could get all those blurry pictures back!!!!

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Very pleased for you John. It's a magic little camera.


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