Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

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Re: Topping up the swear box

Hence, I have gone back to using the USB cable. Why?

1. Sony are not Apple, and for all their hardware sexy, cannot do software, which leads to...

2. The fact that you cannot selectively send images and/or video files over WiFi, it sends the lot each time. To use contemporary lingo, "Redonkulous!" (Or if eating British meat, "Redonkylous!")

3. With my 5R, every time a WiFi transfer finishes, the camera crashes and I am forced to switch it off and back on. This is not my 5R, it is all of them, because I took my last one back and it did the same thing. (I returned it to get the 16-50mm kit zoom, not because it was faulty.) I assume this is a firmware bug and will be fixed in due course. Sony?

I am currently seething not so much because of the Alpha version WiFi features, but because getting good sharp photos with the PZ lens is more difficult than juggling soup and I'm days from selling the thing and getting the 50mm 1.8 that for £214 on Amazon is mightly tempting even if defeating the object of the PZ in that the latter is compact and pocketable. Phew!

Oh Sony, please make a compact semi affordable zoom with Carl Z. Play to your strengths!

"a compact semi affordable zoom with Carl Z." Really? What have you been smoking lol...

I have had my 5R with 16-50 and 55-210 twin kit for less than a week. The baby PZ may not be perfect to some eyes, but I'd hardly say it can't get a sharp photo.

So far, Wifi works well for me, reliable and fast. No crashing.

The 5R gives you a window to select with check boxes either one multiple or all images prior to the WIFI transfer step.

In settings you have the option of 2MP or Original resolution.


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