K-01: A Failed Experiment

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Re: K-01: A Failed Experiment

britcam wrote:

boogieboogie wrote:

I think you're all being too kind. It failed because of its ridiculous My First Camera styling. The fact that it's a compact system camera the size of a house brick just added to the lolz.

Same size as the OMD give or take a few mm on height .... so why does that make it the size of a house brick? House bricks can be very cute and alluring amongst other qualities ....;) http://camerasize.com/compare/#289,285

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The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer. ~Edward R. Murrow

....and now try the top view comparison. One looks like a camera. The other a duplo block.

Pity there's no side view of the pentax as I'm sure the comparison would be even more amusing.

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