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Re: Sony should have made it MF only :D

Robgo2 wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

More comparisons to Leica and less people using this as an attack point.
The AF is good, not outstanding. Better then some other CSCs, worse then most , better then any P&S I have used.

MF is better then all AF anyway
No AF system I know can focus on the lion and not the bars. Or the surface of the eye and not the eyelash.
Focus peaking is awesome for that. No idea why Olympus left it out on the OM-D.

So, in real world shooting, how fast is manual focusing with the RX-1? Surely it is slower than AF, but by how much? MF would seem to be best suited to slow paced, contemplative shooting, which is sometimes desirable, but not always.


DMF is better than MF and AF since DMF relies on AF and then allows you to tweak it to perfection. The RX1 has DMF. Unfortunately, the focus peaking doesn't kick in automatically until you start using DMF and the camera zooms in (the focus peaking activates in zoomed in mode). You don't get the focus peaking on the wide view like I have on my NEX 5N with the Zeiss 24. I would have preferred to have it without needing to resort to DMF in those cases when the AF gets it right and focus peaking reveals it's right without DMF. For me, MF is not a good option when you are shooting closer to wide open in street settings, for example. If you have a more static subject then MF (or DMF for that matter) can really allow for a perfect focus. Some people claim they're faster than AF, but I suspect they don't mean literally since AF can be point and fire in the best case scenario. But there probably are people who prefer MF and get fairly adept at it on the RX1. I wish I could have said the same, but even using Voigtlander Nokton and Contax G lenses on my NEX 5N for more than a year haven't made me a faster MF user a f/5.6 - f/8 (and I'd say much slower when shooting wide open).

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