D200 today? How is it?

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Re: D200 today? How is it?

I have a Nikon D40 (and have just purchased another D40 body), a D5000 and D700. I sold a D90 because I couldn't get-on with it and will be parting with the D5000 soon.

I purchased a D200 with 1500 clicks on it, added a MB-D200 battery holder and a EH-6 power supply when I am near a power socket, to preserve the batteries.

The D40 (6MP) & D200 (10MP) use CCD sensors, whereas the others use CMOS. For well lit scenes, the D200 out-of-camera images are excellent and rarely need post-processing. I couldn't honestly say the same for the CMOS sensor'd cameras, even the D700 which is a brilliant camera in its own right.

My go-to cameras are the D40 & D200. YMMV

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