13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

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Re: 13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

Print the image out at 12x18 which will give you a little leeway for laying the mat. Dick Blick and Aarons both have cheap wood frames at 18x24. Wait for a two-fer sale at  Aarons. The quality of those frames is pretty bad if you expect to be handling them a lot--rotating prints in and out frequently. Spend a little more for metal which hold up better. The glass that comes with those frames is pretty cheap too so look for scratches or use Plexiglas.

Mats that size will almost cost as much as the frame. Better to buy a few sheets of full mat board in basic black, grey, and white. Find a place that will cut them for you so you will have enough around.


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