Perfectly Clear s/w (yes s/w!) Any Fuji users try this?

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Keit ll Veteran Member • Posts: 4,186
Re: Perfectly Clear s/w (yes s/w!) Any Fuji users try this?

The problem with all simplied software is that itonly tends to work well on already good exposures taken in good light. Frames shot in difficult conditions need extra attention. PS is not difficult to use , it merely takes some patience in the early stages of use. Watch the screen as any slider is used to judge the effect , the fade control can be used to reduce the strength of the effect & can be varied until the edit seems OK. Always save the final resut as a new file so that if on reflection there are problems then the original file can be re-worked. Initially there is a learning curve but it all falls into place after a while & then processing becomes almost instinctive.

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