Slide conversion using a dSLR

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Re: Slide conversion using a dSLR

Nicols wrote:

I thought that the photos were made from a projection screen. But that´s not the case: the camera is looking directly on the film, inside the projector.

Yepp, that's how it works.

I think that many of us have already all the necessary stuff (besides the controller for automatizing the shooting).

Klaus, I wouldn't worry much about an automatic controller. Just use two remote controls pressed in turn and you're done. As the projector might do a full magazine in less than a minute you need to stay close for resupply anyway and thus an auto controller is more of a gimmick:

It might be useful though, to look around for an appropriate diffusor glas rather than just some plastic cover to shield heat and direct light from the slide. There are probably a lot of readily available kits to be found once starting to look around. Something like this:



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