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Re: OK one last try .....

Kelt, you should improve your mathematics.

reducing the amount of light by half a step does not mean to take awa half of the light, but about a quarter. And 3/4 of light on the sensor does not make much more noise than 4/4. The secret: you have to calculate with logarithmic scales.

Sorry to spoil your thesis but read again what I actually wrote . I didn`t claim that half a stop reduced light by half. I clearly stated that ONE full stop halved the amount of light. The maths is incidental anyway , it is a fact that the use of the SLT mirror affects noise performance which is more noticeable at high ISOs despite the use of NR. Don`t take my word for it , read the reviews.

I pressume that you think that the A99 is priced correctly ? I am content to let the sales figures speak for themselves ........

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