Second and third try with Studio Light...

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Re: Second and third try with Studio Light...

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the comments.

The space between the main and fill light was limited due to the walls of the tight living room. Therefore I kept the space between the lights and the subject small as well and tried to soften the light by keeping the power down as much as possible.

As difusors I used a white umbrella (bounced) and as fill I used a softbox.

So if I had the possibility to have the lights more apart, I surely would have done that. In this case there was no option. But a realy good observation.

The settings were approx. f5.6 to f8 and the lights: main light 1/16th to 1/4th and fill light 1/32th (depending on positions of kids etc.)

About the harshness... I do not have a callibrated monitor but have had feedback previously and this indicated that I was too soft. I did therefore some postprocessing and some sharpening. I do like sharp pictures but soft skin so the skin is softened.

Do you have something similar to share to see differences?

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grt, Alex

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