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Re: I am tired with the noise issue of E5

yiorgos eressios wrote:

Dear friends please I need your advice. I am a semi professional and I work a lot with mariages and christenings. I use the olympus E5 and my main lens are the SWD 12-60. I really have a problem with noise!!! I don't know if I am doing something wrong or I have to live with this... The image I share with you is a random selection from my last shooting. Please notise the noise especially on the dark parts of the image... Usually I hane the NR on and the NF to normal I'am thinking, that may be I have to go to OM-D with a mmf adapter as it suppose has solved much of the noise issue and wait for the E7 to come. Any advise about this issue will be more than wellcome . The Image I share with you is at ISO 800 but I have similar problems even with ISO 500. Thank you all in advance

Let's not beat around the bush:  like all of the Oly E-Series DSLRs, the E-5 is a noisy camera, with noise intruding as low as ISO 200.  There are many workarounds for correcting/adjusting the noise levels.  Some have been already been mentioned, including NOT shooting at the intermediate ISO settings (this is true of nearly all DSLRs with intermediate settings).

The best ways to reduce or eliminate noise in E-5 shots is to start out with a fast lens (f/2.0) and go from there, including careful post-processing. Most important is correct exposure to begin with. With a camera like the E-5, nothing works better or is more important than good technical skill ... which is essential when dealing with the kind and quantity of work you're dealing with.

The settings of the camera affect noise tremendously. I've never owned cameras whose noise levels were as affected by settings changes as the Oly E cameras. It's a camera that needs to be learned and learned and learned over years, not months.

I personally find the E-noise to be manageable up to and including ISO 1600.  I often find its high noise levels on-screen to disappear in prints.  And I'm happy to trade off the noise for the other aspects and benefits of the camera, including gorgeous color and top-notch JPEGs.

That all being said, I don't think an E-Series DSLR camera is the best choice for the kind of work you do.  You would be much better off shooting those weddings, christenings and other events with a high-ISO-capable camera like the Canon 5D (I, II or III) or Nikon equivalent.  The Pentax K-5/K-5 II would also be a good choice. These cameras also have wider dynamic range, which is something else your kind of work requires. I have to assume there are quite a few wedding photographers who shoot with the E-5 or E-3 or E-30; but there are far, far more who shoot with the Canons or the Nikons simply for that high-ISO capability.

Like I said at the outset: let's not beat around the bush. The E-5 is a noisy camera. It takes a lot of time and energy to do the workarounds, and even then you'll still see some noise.

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