Going to Iceland, should I upgrade my D90 to D600?

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Re: All the other stuff is more useful than a camera upgrade.

bearsniper wrote:

Thanks all, your help is very appreciated. I must say, I am overwhelmed by the amount of genuine advice that I have received--especially since it was my first post on this forum.

Special thanks to atwood and digital philosopher for sharing their wonderful images. Atwood, I really liked your d90 photos, perhaps more than the d4;) Just curious, philosopher, which body did you take?

I read a three part blog today about photographing in iceland over at everlookphotography's blog, it ended with:

"The Absolute Last Word…

Accept that you will return to Iceland. Maybe not for another year or even another 10 years, but you will. It’s inevitable."

The more I've read, seen, and heard from you all, I can't help but admit that this must be the case--especially since I'm only 22. I think the biggest reason that fx route is attractive to me is that I would prefer to invest in lenses rather than buy more into a dx system whose life expectancy appears to be waning... However, barring some sort of windfall, I believe I will stick with the d90. As much as I want the latest and greatest tool, I feel like I should spend all the money I can on travel and experiences at my age.

Sounds spot on to me. I bought a pentax ME Super around your age. Worst decision I ever made, the k1000 was half the price and would no doubt still be clicking now. Much as I enjoyed the super, i know the cheaper camera was the better option. Travel is a far better way to spend your money.

Right now I'm concentrating my efforts on finding a good deal on a used tokina 11-16 and perhaps a 35mm 1.8-- a full set of filters being a necessity once I get the lenses sorted. I'm also trying to figure out what to do in the way of a tripod and head. I currently have a set of Bogen 3021 pro legs but my brother broke the ball head I had on it.

I'm thinking I will at least get something like a photoclam 33ns to replace the broken manfrotto head, but I'm also considering a more lightweight and portable carbon tripod for my Euro backpacking trip (should I even take a tripod btw?) and any hiking I will do in Iceland. Of course, I'm not sure that something like a Benro Travel angel will cut it in the windy Icelandic flats but I figure maybe I could just use the 3021 legs for that sort of stuff. I hate to open up the tripod can of worms, but do yall have any thoughts? I guess the main question is whether to get some really compact carbon legs or to get something a bit more substantial, seeing as I already have the heavy 3021 legs.

What, you're 22 and fussing over a bit of weight? I thought it was old codgers like me that want a lightweight carbon jobbie. I use a monfrotto 055 aluminium. The best point was the price. Then the overall height is pretty good, but being the older model it won't go as low as I'd like from time to time - the new ones having a centre column that can swivel as well as go up and down. Weight is greater than ideal, but OK, and a bit of weight can add to stability. A lighter tripod is more prone to blowing over - hanging a bag from it helps prevent this. I have a kirk ballhead which I got for a good price second hand. I'm not a fan of ball heads, but it works well, especially coupled with a L-bracket which lives on my camera. My manfrotto head had let me down from time to time for 5min+ exposures. A head that is Arca-swiss compatible gives the greatest number of options when it comes to plates and L-brackets.

Best buying advice for tripods: decide on max and min height. A compromise here will miss shots. Decide on budget - and if it isn't great enough, then stick with what you have, there's no point in having one that isn't up to the job. Unless you're back packing, lightweight is a luxury, not a necessity. A lot of people buy a tripod then find they can't be bothered with it. Ebay has inflated 2nd hand prices, but a barely used 2nd hand can be an excellent buy.

Best accessory I took to iceland was my rubber boots and Sealskin® socks which kept my feet warm and dry when larger waves filled my boots with icy water.

The church at Vik

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