A fool and his money ...

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Re: A fool and his money ...

J Yohan wrote:

RGBaker wrote:

Sometime soon, I expect to see an upgraded NEX7 -- and likely a Zeiss zoom that covers much the same focal length as the kit 18-55. I expect the combination will likely run to about $1,799 -- that's just my guess, I have no inside knowledge -- and I hope that I can still recover $1,000 or so from my NEX7/18-55 combo, which means I'll be dropping another $800 to upgrade ...

No complaints, just planning ahead.


I think a 7 successor + a Zeiss zoom combo will run you slightly more than $1799.

Judging by the price of the SEL 24mmf1.8 Zeiss I agree the price of the combo would be more in the $2400 range.

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