What would happen if I deleted LR?

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Re: What would happen if I deleted LR?

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I asked a question a couple of hours earlier about merging LR3 & LR4 catalogues. Well, I sort of managed it - but now I have about 5 copies of each picture!
So, my question is, what would happen if I completely uninstalled both LR3 & LR4, and then reinstalled LR4 again?
I'm having a nightmare - I've been at this for hours......

This problem is only related to your LR catalog. The catalog is to LR what a Word Document is to Microsoft Word. You don't un-install Microsoft Word because you duplicate documents. That doesn't solve anything.

How are your images managed? Do you leave them in place when LR imports them or do you let LR copy/move them?

I merged my LR3 catalogue with LR4 (eventually), but I think I did something else by accident. I literally have 6 copies of each image. I now have thousands and thousands of images.
I've been weeping at my machine all day. I feel like the world has ended.

I really don't know how or where to begin to be able to sort this mess out.

Are you removing images or just clearing up duplicates in the LR Catalog(s)? A single image on disk can exist in multiple Catalogs as the Catalog just holds a reference to the image file.

Do you have edits saved in these Catalogs that you want to preserve (or other metadata)?

How do you manage your images? Do you let LR manage them (move/copy them on import)?

I've decided to delete every image from LR3/4 and delete every lrcat, and then go through all my images and start over, input them one at a time. Sure it'll take weeks, but anything is better than this mess.
Is Aperture any good btw?.........

If you create a new Catalog and import all your images using the Add Option at the top of the import screen. LR will not move your images on disk, nor copy them. Just create a Catalog of what you have on disk. Even with thousands of images it should still be an operation measured in minutes.

I use Aperture myself now and I like but there is nothing wrong with LR. What is clearly lacking here is knowledge on your part. You need to learn and understand the tool. Judging by your questions Aperture is not magically going to solve your issues. It will add some new concepts that you might have a hard time grasping.

So...for you the best way forward now is probably to organize your images in Folders as you like to find them and what makes sense to you.

Once you have a Folder structure in place, start LR and import all of the images using the ADD option. Import the level folder and all folders underneath will also be added.

Every time you add new images to the Folder structure just select the top folder in the Catalog in LR and right click on it and select Synchronize and the Catalog will be updated with any changes made to the actual images on disk.

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