Slide conversion using a dSLR

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Re: Slide conversion using a dSLR

bob5050 wrote:

I'm thinking something more along the lines of something I can give an hour or two in the evenings occasionally over a long Iowa winter, and put on the shelf when I'm done without thinking about recouping my investment.

Bob, about how many slides to be scanned are we talking? Thousands? Tens of thousands? In that case you wouldn't need a few Iowa winter months but a few winter seasons...!

Particularly, if you want some decent quality (not great, just decent). And what's about dust and scratch removal (highly recommended in most cases!)? Oh, and are your slides stored in trays/magazines? Do you own a slide projector, or are you at least familiar with those things?

If you would answer most of the above with a yes, here are two scanning options that may make sense for you:

  1. You could buy a dedicated batch scanner for slides in magazines, used, and sell it after the job is done. That's what I did to scan 10,000+ slides at 3,600 dpi, 48 bit and with dust and scratch removal. It took me about six months and I made a loss of just 100 € on selling the machine, which was one of those: or search the bay for Braun Multimag Slide Scanner. Over here, they were much more frequent (and cheaper!), though. I wouldn't recommend these machines for Kodachromes and cardboard frames and I would make sure to have some warranty on it. 
  2. My second proposal would be to use a slide projector, some DIY, plus a remote control and a macro lens of 100+ mm focal length on your Pentax. This gives surprisingly decent results at a blazing speed - but with no specks removed: or .



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