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Just download a raw file from the D5200 & D800 and see for yourself. This is the only way you will get close to the answer you want. Even though the D5200 sensor has an AA filter the effect of having one or not are only visible at 100% viewing anyway. A bit of sharpening closes the gap as well. I have downloaded the two plus the D3200 and D600 to compare. 36mp gives a bigger image at low ISOs and in a studio setting I see no other advantages. Real World shooting is a different story though when it comes to DR, high ISO noise, DOF, cropping, pushing shadows etc. The D800 / D600 wins here.

The D7100 effects of no AA will only show its best at smaller f stops as well. and with a good lens. To me the DR, high ISO and ability to push shadows is far more important than a  small difference in sharpness at 100% viewing under the right shooting conditions, although I will take any improvements I can get.

Read Thom's  D800/800E review.


Notice the section: "Resolution, Diffraction, and To E or Not to E"

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